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Shannara Cannell

event planner, wedding planner

Shannara Cannell

Melbourne, VIC

Weddings and events are big things big jobs and can be big fun.
You need some one that can do it and now you have found her .

Hi my name is Shannara
I'm studding wedding and event planning.
Will you ask me to help with yours ???
I'm friendly , I stay cool under any sort of pressure. I have a good sense of humour all the time.
I'm flexible , creative , and good at solving problems. I do have a creative side iv been told its very good to.
I like to stay in contact with you at all time just so I know how your going and to offer reassurance to you that every thing is fine the world is not ending and to breath at all times that is a good one to .

I'm a mum of 4 kids Mia 6, Michael 4, Isabella 2, Lara 6 mths.
I have been married now for 7 years and with my hubby for 11 years.
I am a kiwi and I came to AU for a better life and to show my kids that there is more out there if you look.
I was a chef once long ago I still like my food but I don't love it any more I think my 8 years did me well but its time to move on.
I work well under stress and good with other people .
I have changed jobs becouse I need a job that I like doing and love doing and this has always been a dream.


With in reason I will plan any thing and money will be talked about in first meeting.