Testimonials for Amanda Emme Baker

"I had the privilege of working with Amanda at the 1st Annual Perth Parkside Wedding Show, which she designed and managed. Amanda initially scouted and contacted me to include me in her show, and throughout the process, we worked together with Ashton Station Bridal to put together a very unique and elegant fashion show which included live runway music. The show as a whole had a beautiful, lush look, and everything ran very smoothly – a great success. She also went above and beyond to ensure that we were taken care of and had everything we needed. In addition, Amanda is always very cheerful and positive, even under pressure – making her an absolute pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amanda for any future endeavors. She is a hard worker, with a great eye for design and detail…and does everything with a smile."

Kimberley Dunn

"The following is a letter of recommendation for the exceptional services provided by Amanda Baker as our Wedding Coordinator for the Best Western Plus Perth before and during our wedding day. A wedding should be known as the most memorable time of two people’s lives, and for us on August 3rd, 2013 it was, with the help and guidance of Amanda Baker. Amanda took the time and effort to relinquish every detail that made this day so special for us. Her organizational skills were impeccable, which took a lot of pressure and stress off the groom and I when there were numerous other matters to be tended to. Amanda took the time to meet with us, respond to our e-mails and phone calls on numerous occasions before the wedding, and making herself available. The day of our wedding, she took the time to make sure that every detail was presented in the most perfect way and in no way could we have ever asked for a better day. I would highly recommend using Amanda as a wedding planner and we are so happy that she was there to help us prepare for one of the most cherished days of both of our lives."

Amber MacPherson

"I was very impressed with Amanda's professionalism, responsiveness and warmth. Given that we were having a cottage wedding, there were a number of additional logistics and special touches to be organized. We wanted to ensure our out-of-town guests had a positive experience at the hotel and that it was consistent with the experience we were aiming to create at our wedding. Amanda helped me to finalize all of the details for our room bookings, shuttle schedule and welcome gifts, even offering to stay later than her usual shift to ensure she received all of the materials from me and that the front desk staff was properly briefed. What particularly impressed me about Amanda was her ability to convey warmth, humour and patience, while also demonstrating a true attention to detail. In my long list of pre-wedding to-do's it was reassuring to know that I had Amanda "stick handling" all of the details at the hotel so that everything ran smoothly. Amanda Baker is a true professional who clearly understands and exemplifies excellent customer service."

Catherine Hughes

"I was first introduced to Ms. Amanda Baker in August 2013 when she was working with the Best Western Plus Parkside Inn & Spa in Perth, Ontario. My Fiancé and I were attending the Kingston Wedding Show where we were given information about the Best Western Plus and all of their services offered for Weddings. We were then entered into a draw for a chance to win a 1 nights stay at the hotel, Plus a spa package for myself +1, To which I ended up winning. Amanda was extremely helpful and friendly right from our first introduction. When Jason(my now husband) and I went to the hotel for our free night stay, Amanda had made sure to meet us there that day and thoroughly showed us through the hotel and all of amenities it offered for us on our big day in the near future. We ended up booking a date for our wedding(August 30th, 2014) that day so we could assure we would have our big day at the best western plus. We had later come to find out that Amanda was not even working that day that we had seen her at the hotel. She had come in on her day off just to give us a personal tour of the hotel grounds and to answer any and all questions we may have had, Which meant a lot to us. Amanda has advised me that she will be aiming to open her own event & wedding planning business, To which my husband Jason and I support her 100%. I believe Ms. Baker would do exceedingly well at running and managing her own event & wedding planning business because of her dedication and passion for this line of work. Upon meeting with her throughout planning our wedding and trying to finalize decisions, You can tell she is very interested in all aspects of this line or work as she understands all aspects of it and has no problems or hesitations on guiding us(or any other couples for that matter) through the entire planning process, All while remaining professional but very enthusiastic about being able to share her knowledge with other couples to help their vision of their big day to become a reality. Some skills that I have noticed in Ms. Baker that I believe would work to her advantage in owning her own Event & wedding planning business are: Friendly, Respectable, Honest, Trustworthy, Loyal, Attentive, and Reputable, But, I believe the best skill(s) that Amanda possess and which will truly make her a successful business owner, Is that she is very personable. Amanda truly connects with you and is genuinely excited about your wedding/event and expresses that through her high level of involvement in helping to make your big day as easy on you as possible by lining up all contacts for you, Supplying you with all the information you need and explaining it into great detail so that you understand everything, Helping you to co-ordinate all components, Being an excellent outside eye and giving great suggestions as to how to make your wedding theme the best it can be. I found that during our wedding planning, Amanda treated us like we were family , Which I believe greatly separates her from other people in this line of business. She made sure that we were treated fantastic and she went above and beyond to make sure our big day was nothing short of perfect. "

Nicole Bursey

“I have worked with Amanda on numerous occasions, most often as a vendor at wedding and bridal shows that she has overseen. These are complex events with a lot of demands placed on organizers by vendors and attendees before and during the show. I love working with her as she is a pro-active problem solver who sees to it that every detail is taken care of ahead of time and the demands of each vendor are met in a timely manner. I know that every other vendor at these shows would agree that any event that is run by Amanda is a pleasure to take part in and to attend. On top of all of that, Amanda’s most engaging trait is that she is fun and easy to work with—she is a people-person. I have been in this business for over 25 years and personal attention trumps everything else; when she is dealing with you, your concerns are her concerns.”

Charles Ebbs