Shannon Ruiz

makeup artist

Shannon Ruiz
Tampa, FL

You don't have to be great to get started, But you have to get started to be great -Les Brown

Hi my name is Shannon, I want to be one of the best makeup artist out there. Dramatic eyeliner is what i like or something you don't see everyday that makes people look. I do enjoy the everyday look and bridal makeup, happy to help make someone feel special on their big day.

I have been playing with makeup for about two years now. So I thought why not make a fun career out of it. They always say " If you love what your doing its not work," and I believe that to be true. I kinda just fell into makeup after watching a few YouTube tutorial online and trying to copy the looks. My brush collection started to grow, I invested in palettes, and started to try new products. Now I am in school getting a certification, excited about where this will lead me, along with being a little scared. But everyone has to start somewhere and this is my start! You can also look me up on YouTube at: