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Maria Alexandra Georges

event planner, wedding planner

Maria Alexandra Georges

Gatineau, QC

Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.

Hi everyone

I'm Maria Alexandra Georges. I Just moved in Ottawa after working 3 years at moon palace/ Hard rock hotel & Casino Punta cana , as a event and wedding planner.
Currently I'm working at the embassy of Haiti , but being a wedding/event planner and coordinator is something that really marked my life. I m considered as a very joyful, caring and very enthusiastic person and those were the qualities that really helped me during those years while I was making couple plan the most amazing and memorable day of their lives.
I studied hotel management ( but was more on the marketing area) then , my first job in the area was working the groups and events department. It was the best experience of my life and still is , even though I'm also now working in the diplomatic area.
Before deciding what I was going to do , It took me quite a while because I always thought I wanted to be a doctor ( laughs) , I even started studying medicine when I just got in college and after the second year I realized maybe what I was looking for Is something that would really make me happy and also would make others happy in a certain way.
with my personality and always being considered as the outgoing, open minded, caring , people person that I am , I decided to study hotel management because I always loved going in hotels /resorts the nightlife, managing, meeting new people and be in different areas at the same, so It was the perfect match for me.
And now here I am few years later, totally happy with what I've achieved so far and I could not be more happier.
Now I'm looking forward to keep doing what I was born to do and continue my journey .

I am originally from Haiti. I grew up there till I turned 18 years old , then I moved to Dominican Republic , where I lived for almost 9 years .
I went to college there and graduated in 2010 at the university : Pontificia Universidqad Catolica Madre y Maestra.
with that said said I speak fluenltly: French, creole, english and Spanish. I also took Italian classes while I was at the university so I can say my knowledge in italian is :moderate.
It helped me a lot when I was working in Dominican Republic because I could work with couple from europe, north, central and south america, and other countries.

I took a break from the wedding business, in 2012 . And move to Canada where I worked for the embassy of Haiti for 3 years and 3 months, I recently moved to Geneva ( switzerland for another mission with the permanent Mission Of Haiti , and After that mission I will go back to Canada and start working on my project . Creating my own Event and wedding planning business in Ottawa.
So while Im away Im taking all the classe or courses to how to build my dream in few years.


wedding coordinator
Event design
Photography /video
Locations /venues
AV services / DJ/Music
Destination wedding Package.