Patricia Otis

event planner, wedding planner

Patricia Otis
Miami, QLD

If you are looking for a different opinion, my french-canadian approach is definitely what you need. Creativity is my endless moto...

Once upon a time,
I fell in love with costumes, dancing, arts and crafts and the beauty of ephemeral things.

What could I and also should I do with that?
In highschool I got angry more than once because Perfecto-Pat was always recognized for her creativity...

A couple of years later, I understood that all of those years were leading me in a flourishing career in which I would finally discover the paths of my creativity and my love for organisation.

I have been involved in dance and gymnastics for the past 20 years of my life.
Those two sports has developed my sense of organisation and put me into many events where I was, at first, learning from but then, I was creating them.

I have been involved in the creation of 4 shows that includes 450 athletes.
From the theme to the costumes/makeup/hair, the choreographies and lights and the brochure, I gained a lot of experience from these years.

I participated as a gymnast and dancer of the 2008 Grey Cup halftime show where I felt the love of events planning. I have been chosen for my talent in dance to be next to the choreographer Clarence Ford (Soul Express, Cirque du Soleil, Junos, Stars on ice, etc) and be her translator. Our conversations convinced me that planning was the path to chose.


Event planning (Birthday/ Parties/ Religious celebration)

Wedding planning (Wedding/ shower/ pre and post wedding parties)

Dance choreographer