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Delectable Catering & Events, LLC

Tria Nolan

event planner, wedding planner

Tria Nolan

Germantown, MD

The best is yet to come!

Love is the most profound thing in life, so why not love what you eat? Why not enjoy were you eat it and with whom it is shared with?
Wouldn’t you want someone who is fresh, innovative, and open-minded? Someone who is always learning new and creative ways to wow the customer?

This is what Delectable Catering & Events, LLC is all about. You, your events and catering needs. How we can help you and make your life easier while wowing you with the best events.

Catering to me is an event or special time. Where everyone gathers to a place; that will allow you to celebrate, have fun, and enjoy the company of good friends and family. So why not have a great catering company that will deliver exactly what you want and need, for that special time.

I have worked in various postions throughout catering and events in the hopsitality field. Working in restaurants in different capacity has given me a chance to be able to better understand the guests, and our clients better.

I am currently working on my certification for International Wedding and Event Planner. Hope to work with you soon!


Delectable Catering & Event, LLC is all about the clients. We offer catering coordinating, event planning, and management, wedding planning, and menu planning.