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Cathy Mathews

home stager

Cathy Mathews

Huntersville, NC

Attractive Spaces

Art is a passion of mine. I enjoy many aspects of it as well. Because art comes in many forms, home staging and redesign is one of those “art forms” that really appeal to me.
Working with colors, shapes, sizes, lighting, etc., is intriguing and can be very rewarding.

I also enjoy making people's lives a little easier. If I can use my skills to help an individual's home sell, then I've enabled them to move on with life. I think that's rewarding in itself.

I have 3 years of experience with my previous company, where we cleaned homes and re-purposed rooms. This was my idea before “staging” was even COOL or heard of back in 1999. Being a single mom back then I had to take on a position with a larger company for insurance needs. Now that my young men are just that, young men, I can focus once again on what comes natural to me, Stellar Staging.


Verbal Consultation

Paint color consultation:
This popular service is geared to help the homeowner (or listing agent) of either Occupied or Vacant homes. I walk through the property with you while you take notes of our recommendations for easy cosmetic repairs that will give you the best return on investment: light fixture replacements, interior & exterior paint colors, how to create focal points, the best furniture placement to create a good traffic flow, cleaning tips, editing collections and photos, curb appeal and landscaping enhancements, local resources, etc. Afterwards, we'll review the most important things that should be done in your home before it goes on the market. I also provide written tips on how to prepare for the open house and showings. Up to 2 hours of time – $195; $15 for each additional 15 minutes. If distance is greater than 20 miles from Huntersville, an additional charge may apply.

Full day or ½ day “redesign” or “restyling” projects:
If you'd like a fresh look in your home or just don't know how to best configure your furniture, our home makeover service may be just what you need. This "ReStyling" service is less expensive than hiring a traditional interior decorator and very effective! I can make your home warm and inviting, and can also suggest where to buy the best accessories (or I can do the shopping for you). A no-obligation quotation is gladly provided.

Occupied Home Staging:
If the home is Occupied while on the market, we will work with and edit the seller's furniture and provide any additional accessories (if needed) to create an inviting, cohesive look to the décor. The pricing of this service depends on the size of the property, the number of rooms staged and whether accessories are included for rent. Because every project is unique, I'm happy to provide a no-obligation staging proposal for your property

Shopping Services:
If you're too busy to shop for home décor or aren't sure what's needed to improve the look of your home, I can do the shopping for you. Using our intimate knowledge of the local furnishings market, I can find the items you need (often at bargain prices), deliver them to your home and properly arrange them to fit the space; shopping service is billed @ $75/hr.