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Kim Coles-Hardison

color consultant, feng shui consultant, professional organizer

Kim Coles-Hardison

Lawrenceville, GA

Create the environment where Going Green means fun and fantasy. Positive and free flowing energy in any environment is Transforming.

My name is Kim and I am so thankful that I have travelled many roads and have come to crossroads that taught me my purpose in life. Organization is one of my many passions and I want to share it with the world. I started at 12 yers old in my bedroom when my mommy said "yes" to letting me paint my room walls lime green and lemon yellow accents...lol that's what you call room designing seen through a child's eyes. Bright and beautiful and that's what I've come to this earth to share is the brightness and beauty of Love through Dezign. My personal goal is to put a glowing smile on sad faces and brighten distressed, unorganized environments.


Services include Color plus Feng Shui Consulting. Specializing in Professional Organization for both Home and Office environments.