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Melissa Jordan

professional organizer

Melissa Jordan

Morrisville, VT

Functional Space for Functional Living

Most of us live life as a balancing act between work, community and home. When some part of the equation gets out of sync it can show in our physical space. We might feel that we should be able to fix the problem ourselves, but we feel stuck and it doesn’t happen.

Jordan Home Services (JHS) of Morrisville, VT will unstick you! We offer professional organizing, eco-friendly cleaning, and set-up and maintenance of small-scale composting systems for home and office. Our mission is to improve the flow and function of your home or work space for greater harmony and productivity. Together we will work to establish goals and priorities and to break down tasks into manageable pieces that work for your schedule, energy level, and budget.

Melissa Jordan is owner of Jordan Home Services and your professional organizer. Melissa was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in cultural anthropology and foreign languages from Hampshire College.

Melissa’s rich and diverse background a visual artist and floral designer, interpreter and case worker, medical transcriptionist, organic gardener, worm farmer, and composting educator have given her valuable skills and insights that allow her to serve a wide range of personalities and needs.

Melissa is hands-on and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She brings to her work a passion for creating function, order, beauty, and comfort in her clients’ physical spaces and will work hard to make you happy.


Eco-Friendly Decluttering for home & office
Eco-Friendly Cleaning for home & office
Design and Set-Up of Recycling/Composting Centers


"I retained you several months ago to begin the chore of organizing the various categories of furnishings and supplies from my Cambridge home when I moved up here for good in January 2013. All that stuff was suddenly added to similar sorts of things which were already here as a result of two previous consolidations from two other local homes earlier. As a recent widower I was here alone and still working at my business full time, so I couldn't handle this problem by myself. You explored every cupboard, closet and cabinet. You required me to decide what to keep and what to dispose of elsewhere. What a help this was! I know there is still more to be done, and I look forward to having you back shortly."

Tom (Fabricator), Wentworth, NH

"Melissa Jordan has made a calling out of her search for her own order. Beginning as a friend, actually a volunteer at a local farmers’ market where we met, she has taken care of me and many others in vital and simple ways, all of which would lighten the load of whoever she would work with, and make the doing doable. As we speak, she is thoroughly cleaning and painting a room in my studio apartment in preparation for a number of visitors. I could not have done it as thoroughly as she is. I was boggled by the task, but she is bringing order into my space, and I have not got to say how order in a person’s surroundings is peace of mind, and productivity in whatever you do."

Alexis (Artist), Norwich, VT