Testimonials for Stephanie Harty

"Steph had us guessing about her birthday party for two weeks before! We were all so intrigued by her instructions to wear fancy clothes that we guessed where the party was going to be all the way there - even though we were blind-folded, and couldn't see a thing! Her mom led us all out of the car and into Steph's own living room, which was so incredibly decorated we thought we HAD gone somewhere fancy. Even the menus were hilarious and in keeping with the theme; it was the most interesting (and suspenseful) birthday party I'd ever been to! I still have the menu."

Clare Hutchinson

"Stephanie's Jazz themed surprise sixteenth birthday party was a very well executed and inspired affair. It was beyond anything I've ever experienced in a birthday party. The guests were given clever clues and hints that alluded to the theme and location of the party. Perhaps, the greatest twist was that we were blindfolded as we were driven to the party which added an extra element of mystery and anticipation. Stephanie's creativity was amazing!"

Jessica Roberts

What a pleasure it was and what a suprise for my 45th Hawaiian Party. The variety of food and beverages was terrific, the colours of flowers and decorations were so vibrant, the games a "hoot", and the thought put into this event amazing. I was truly surprised and honoured to have such a party. It was great to see so many friends. Thanks for all of your hard and very creative work. Its a party I won't soon forget.

John Harty

Thank you for making our day such a special one. Our outdoor wedding was everything that we wanted. The decorations were simple and yet beautiful and only added to our day. The food was awesome, the cake delicious,flowers gorgeous and entertainment wonderful. Your going to have a great career as a wedding planner and events co-ordinator.

Kelly and Randy Willson