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Jody Rupp

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Jody Rupp

York, PA

Weddings by Jody

I am a very work conscious person, multitasking comes pretty easily to me. I want to make my clients feel as comfortable and secure a possible with me by getting to know them and they me at our first one hour, NO FEE, consultation. I want to learn as much as I can about my client so I can plan the most UNFORGETTABLE ceremony for them. This is their day and if they hire me are expecting nothing but the best!!!

Hi, I am a 52 yr old woman , I have 4 grown daughters and 2 grown stepsons, I am married to a wonderful supporting man who is behind me 100% on this path in my life!!! I recently lost my job after 21 years of service, that was very tough I didn't know anything else, that was practically half my life, so just this past couple of weeks I decided that I'm going to pick up where I left off in my wedding planning career, so here I am diving in head first!!! ( and i can't swim :) ) but I guess I am gonna learn!!!! I plan on operating my business from my home.
When my husband and I got married we were at the beach with my daughters and none of the rest of our family, after a few years we decided to have a church ceremony to renew our vows with ALL our family and friends there , I had an actual wedding dress, my daughters were standing with me and my step sons with their father, I made my own bouquet and bouquets for my daughters , friends of the family made our wedding cake and we celebrated back at our home!!! It was a beautiful day for me .Picture posted.


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