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Olesya Gozhina

event planner, wedding planner

Olesya Gozhina


Entrust your event to the hands of professionals & get pleasure!

Hello!I'm the professional event & wedding planner. When you decide to get married or to set up an event , there is always a load of questions appear. You don't know what to start with, as there is really plenty of work to do... Be sure that everything you should do is to address the professional event & wedding planner, all the rest is my job!

I've been doing my interesting & exciting job for 3 years already. During this period approximately 100 weddings and events were successfully organized.
My education and my hobbies in life appeared to be very useful for this remarkable job. I graduated from the pedagogical university, specialization English language. So by profession I'm the teacher of English, which is really very useful for me as the event planner, as I'm scrupulous, self- disciplined, quick- thinking and able to solve any problem and come to an agreement with almost anyone... And of course it's very useful for the international events...
Besides, I'm a dancer, almost professional, as I've been doing it since I can remember... This also helps me, as I'm able to choose good and highly qualified artistes for my events, as I surely know what should be the level!


Usually I start my work with the meeting with the client in my office. We drink tea or coffee with biscuits and speak about his/her future event. I make notes to the special brief, where all the questions I should ask are reflected. After that I give a presentation of possible stylistics of the event, and, when we come to the conclusion, I do the plan of preparation in order he/she knows when and what should be done. Also I do calculation of the budget. And then we start to work. My duties include:
-finding an appropriate location for the event
-finding suitable invitations
-finding the suitable vendors
-help with the stile and clothes of the master/s of the party if needed
-formation of the menu for the event
-finding the suitable decor and flowers suppliers
-choosing the cake
- booking the hotel if needed
- control of the event itself