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Angela Parr

event planner, wedding planner

Ask your Planner. Why run around when you can get a Professional Planner to do it?

The Great Big Event Company delivers personalised events for a range of clients, from well known business brands & individuals, corporates and charities. We work our wonders within unique venues and properties, managing everything from concepting through design, marketing, event management or simply one service support.

Our business plays a big part in launch events, catering for a range of event catered functions and event marketing.

Our team includes creative & professional individuals from a range of backgrounds. They include: party organising, wedding planning, consumer & event marketing, IT & social media, PR, corporate events, film and media, TV, stage and set ... All at the core of our business.

​The Great Big Event Company is passionate about delivering well thought events, marketing campaigns and catered functions to the highest standard, in budget.