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Krystina Kitrinos

makeup artist

Krystina Kitrinos

Rochester, NY

Revealing the beauty in you.

I've alway enjoyed experimenting with fashion and makeup to see what different looks I can achieve on a variety of individuals. I strive to work with you, not for you, to enhance all your natural features and make you glow. I always feel fullfilled when I achieve the look that makes a person leave feeling confident and smiling.

I studied psychology and understand that the definition of beauty is different within each person. Working with the person and understanding what they are looking for helps me create their new image and achieve positive results. Since I was a child I have always enjoyed experimenting with makeup. As I got older I've worked in beauty supply stores and enjoyed helping people find the exact look they were looking for. I've done makeup for weddings, and realized the importance of taking your time and using the right product and tools to get that perfect look.