Tracey Sachs

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner

Tracey Sachs
Guelph, ON

Sell Smarter-Sell Faster- Sell Higher

At Coach Staging and Redesign we know what buyers want and we will help you sell your home faster and for a higher price.
We will give you professional advice on how to present your home so that buyers can appreciate the best features of your property. Using your existing posessions we create resale redesign to make your home look bigger, brighter and more appealing to your buyers.
We will improve your properties curb appeal making your home inviting from the get go.
Home Staging is a minimal cost with a large outcome . It will increase the value of your property.
Homes that are Staged prior to an agent listing the home will list at a higher price. Homes that are Staged after they have been listed by an agent will sell faster and often end in a bidding wars increasing your profit.
If you are not listing your home but would like to renew and enhance your home with your existing posessions we would love to help you with all of your redesign needs at a very affordable price. we will give your "old" a new amazing look.
Positive first impressions are lasting first impressions
If you have bought a new home and need help with design or various selections required our professional advice will put you at ease.

Tracey is a Certified Redesign and Staging Specialist-CRSS. A member of the Canadian Redesign Association -CRDA- As well as a Certified Colour Consultant.Tracey is a graduate from the QC Design School. Her many years of experience have put her at the top of her class.
Tracey is proud to promote Staging and Redesign as an affordable alternative to buying new. Let her passion and flare for design make your space inviting and comefortable. Tracey's visual clarity and common sense will transform your space and increase your property value in no time.


Coach Staging and Redesign Stages homes and practices Redesign with creative and innovative solutions.


At Coach we will help you with all your redesign needs. if your home is in need a new fresh look we will assist you with confidence at a minimal cost. If you have bought a new home and need help with colour selection , furniture selection or existing furniture placement we will please you our professional advice.

- Discuss your goals, needs, expectations and decor' preferences.
-Inexpensively enhancing your personal space.
-Functional furniture placement that works best for your space.
-Professional colour selection.
-window covering recommendations.
-Accessorizing with balance and harmony.
- Proper art work placement.
-Use of your posessions no need to purchase new.
- Renew and rejuvinate your home.
-Increase curb appeal.


At Coach we will help you with all of your Staging needs.
We can increase the value of your home and expedite the sale of your property prior to listing with an agent or after listing with an agent. We will work with both homes that are occupied and homes that are vacant. Staging your home will increase the value.

-Discuss your goals and expectations.
-a professional walk through your entire house with a "buyers eye" view.
-Provide a detailed multi- paged personalized home evaluation.
-Showcase your properties best features.
-Increase market value of your home at very little cost.
-Expedite the sale of your property.
-improve curb appeal.
-proposal for reliable services and Trades needed that you dont want to do yourself.


"thank you for everything!" Tracey at Coach helped me with all of the selections I needed to make when building my new home. I love the results! My home is complete now and it is cozy, comfie and I love it.! I highly recommend Tracey's advice."

Vicki Mclaughlin Guelph ON

"What a difference a day makes! We are thrilled with what Coach Staging did in our home. It looks like a new place" We are putting the house on the market tomorrow and we are expecting awesome results. thank you!

Kim Hilborn Cambridge ON

Tracey at Coach Staging and Redesign staged our home prior to listing with our Agent. We sold our home quickly and at a price above our expectations. We appreciate and recommend Tracey's services.

Mark Rowe