Carly Almarez

event planner, wedding planner

Carly Almarez
Roanoke, VA

All of my strengths and the qualities that I'm most proud to posses have all led me to this career choice. I am a very skilled designer and have an eye for beauty, with the ability to objectively judge your desired level of extravagance. You want over the top? Let's take it there. You're more of a down-to-earth, laid back kind of host? We'll take it down a notch. No matter your requirement, I'll listen to your requests and ask you all the detailed questions to make sure we're on the same page, ensuring nothing but success, and peace of mind on your part. I have no doubt that I was made for making people happy through my creativity and originality, and that is what I intend to do!

I grew up in a small town in southwest Virginia. The area is full of charm, and I soaked it up like a sponge. As fond of my own charm as I am, I pride myself even more on my creativity and big ideas. Those took me to another small town, Athens, West Virginia, where I attended Concord University. There, I achieved a BA in Graphic Design, double majoring in Studio Art. The same month that I graduated, I was promoted to a management position at the retail clothing store I'd been working at. It allowed me to build my strengths in customer service and sales (and my sense of fashion). 2 years later, and I have discovered my calling -- the beautiful combination of creativity, people, and organization that is Event & Wedding planning.


Upon completion of certification through QC Event and Wedding Planning, I am prepared to offer services in a wide range of events.

There are many pieces to put together when it comes to planning a wedding. I am prepared to do so for any client that wants to be worry free, with minimal involvement. However, there are times that a bride wants to do some, but not all. I would love to offer services for any wedding related event, from planning the bachelor/bachelorette parties, to organizing the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Maybe the couple wants nothing to do with the busy work of hiring catering and entertainment, sending out invitations, and booking the venue. These are all things I can handle for them.

Private Parties
Another area where creative ideas can flourish! Whether it's a birthday party for a toddler or a teen, parents might realize planning it can be more stress than they'd like to deal with. Courses in event planning have taught me these kinds of occasions can come down to thinking of the tiniest details. For example, the number of adults that should be present per toddler at a party is something a busy mom trying to plan everything herself might not think to consider. I can consult with hosts on a number of private events to ensure safety and smooth sailing on their big day.

Corporate Events
While there is less need for a visually creative aspect in corporate functions, big ideas are still necessary in accomplishing the client's goal. Organizational skills are of the utmost importance when planning a corporate function, especially if it involves travel, which they often times do. A team building function requires choosing a time of year and venue that all participating employees can agree upon, travel accommodations, who is covering which expenses and so on. This type of getaway should be a time for employees to bond and leave the stresses of the office behind, which is why a planner can be a complete blessing.

No matter the event or occasion, I will always use my resources. I will research all the deals, all of the possibilities, think up and prepare for anything that could go wrong, and leave no stone unturned in my path to success in each event I plan and leave clients and hosts feeling accomplished in their goals, with fond memories to look back on.