Rachel Chandani Chandekar

event planner, wedding planner

Rachel Chandani Chandekar
Lanham, MD

I am 27 years old and am an Event Planner, Interior Designer, and Baker. I have completed my Bachelor's degree from Westwood College in Interior Design and graduated in 2012. I have worked in Sales from 2005 until late 2012 when I lost my full-time sales job. Since then, I have started my own Event Planning company called Events by C and plan events full-time.

I got into Event Planning when I was 18 years old and a family friend called and said he was going to be getting married in 3 weeks. He thought he would have everything under control, but I knew better. Since it was the summer and I had just graduated High School, I took planning his wedding under my wing and have been planning weddings and events ever since.


- Full Service Planning
- Day of Planning
- Event Design
- Custom Welcome Bags
- Cupcakes and Dessert Tables