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Helena Trudel

professional organizer

Helena Trudel

Prince George, BC

simply. neat.

Does entering your home or office give you a sense of anxiety? drain on your energy? not a place of relaxation & sanctuary that it is intended to be? unproductive?

Are you surrounded by piles? constantly searching for items? taking longer to complete a task because of lack of organization?

I know how easy it is to create these areas of stress and I also know how to assess, de-clutter and implement solutions to rid your life and create the sanctuary that is your home or office.

What we all have to deal with is that life gets in the way of dealing with these seemingly "little" problems that surround us. BUT, these "little" problems are actually creating stresses and blocks in our homes and workplace because we are constantly looking for papers or items, paying bills late because of clutter, arriving late to meetings or appointments, etc.

We are all busy and that is where I can provide you with the techniques and solutions in regards to time-management, storage solutions, bottleneck elimination.

I am currently a stay-at-home mom, who has decided to use my natural abilities for de-cluttering, organizing and time-management to help others that are working professionals and do not have the time or energy to spend on the piles that keeping taking over their homes and offices.


I provide professional organization services for both individuals (residences) and organizations (businesses):

- assessing your source of stress by identifying bottlenecks that attract clutter and creating a solution to prevent the clutter from returning
- de-cluttering
- implementing storage solutions
- implementing organization solutions
- teaching long-term organizing solutions


"You have changed my family's life. I actually have time to relax! The labels on the bins in the kids room for them to sort their dirty clothes in white or colors not only taught them organizing but saves me time! Thank you for changing our lives for the better."

Sara Michaels

“I’ve never seen anyone so suited to her work as you are – you’re creative, hard working, diligent and so good with helping people make tough decisions about getting rid of or rearranging their “stuff.” You take a lot of the pain away!”

M. Johnson

“Helena is creative, hard-working and enjoys working with her clients. She is an effective consultant whom I praise and recommend to anyone looking to bring order to their lives.”

Wendy Cooke