Patricia Holland

makeup artist

Be Made Up to a T...

Hi! I'm Tricia. I'm a freelance makeup artist and lover of all things beauty. I believe that makeup should be used to enhance the natural beauty that's already there. I also love to share my passion for beauty with others. If you have any questions, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

Growing up, I was such a tomboy. I hated all things related to fashion and beauty. As I got older, I continued to avoid makeup out of fear. I was afraid that I'd be one of those girls with the dreaded "cake face" *shudders*... It didn't help that I was still hanging out with 'the boys' who didn't like makeup anymore than I did. After college, I realized that it wasn't makeup that was the issue but the application process. Soon I became obsessed with learning the best ways to apply makeup and how I could achieve the most natural finish. I soon realized that there were more girls in the world like me who aren't sure where to start so I decided to become a makeup artist to help those who struggled like I did.


Makeup Consultation - Consultation to explain the makeup application and expectations

Basic Makeup Application - Natural Makeup Application

Bridal Makeup Consultation - Consultation with bride to discuss makeup for the big day and expectations as the MUA

Bridal Makeup Application - Makeup application on the big day *Includes trial application