Nicole Arroyo

event planner, wedding planner

Nicole Arroyo
Buena Park, CA

Transforming your event to an Arroyal Event any day of the week...

Hello My name is Nicole Arroyo, Creating events for others is like having a blank canvas, and with help from me I can turn that blank canvas into a beautiful piece of artwork with all of the elements a client would want for there event. I love to help arrange and create a variety of events from birthdays, baby showers, weddings, to corporate events such as meetings and conferences. I look forward to making your upcoming event a success.

I’ve always had a passion for putting together events and working with a wide arrange of people and using my imagination to put together themes and decorations that are unique. Starting off in High school where I was very involved into creating themes for dances such as prom and winter formal. Also coming from a large growing family that loves to put family parties together I was always one to volunteer or the first person to ask to help organize the event. Before I knew it anytime there was something new coming up I was getting asked by friends and co-workers, so I realized that it wasn’t just a hobby of mine it is a passion and it shows when an event comes together.


Offer a variety of services to suite every type of need from local fundraiser to a glamorous wedding. Call or E-mail for more information.
1. Consultation-Sitting down with the client for a fee discussing details and goals for their specific event. The charge is based on the service the will be supplied for client.
2. Planning and preparation package- After going through a consultation this package provides vendors and clients the services needed for their wedding or event. Going over all of the details for the event and right up to the day before the event to make sure everything is set in place.
3. Day-of coordination services- This can be for any event such as anniversary, golf tournament, wedding, and ceremonies where you oversee the day for the client. Whatever is needed for the day for example, giving directions to staff and problem-solving to make the event as smooth and stress free.
4. Complete Planning services- A total combination of planning and overseeing an entire event before, during, and post-event tasks.