Kayleen Viaud

makeup artist

Kayleen Viaud
Rosemere, QC

Makeup is my Art and you are my Canvas.

I'm a young makeup artist who's passionate, curious and willing. I'm self taught so far (currently enrolled with QC academy). I have a bubbly personality but still serious about my craft. After reading countless books and watching hours on end of videos i'm finally confident that i'm ready to offer my services. :)

I live in Rosemere, QC but i'm able to travel just about anywhere in the Greater Montreal area.

Makeup to me is an art, the art of making a women feel beautiful on the inside and out. When I look at a face I see a blank canvas ready to be painted on. The color of a women’s eyes, their shape, her bone structure, her hair color, her eyebrows, her lips, these are the things that inspire me. What I love most about this field is the change that comes with each new face.


Here's a list of the most common services i offer. Keep in mind i'm willing to do just about anything. If you'd like me to recreate a look from a magazine, book or photo bring it with you! :)

Makeup for:
-Full face application
-False Eyelash Application
-Teenage Makeup