Nancy Hart

event planner, wedding planner

Nancy Hart


I am a Nigerian who loves events with a passion, my personal approach is - 'there is a beautiful event for every budget'. I feel like the stars just dropped into my palms whenever i see the worries on the faces of celebrants replaced with a sigh of relief and smiles of gratitude.

I work with what i call the "plus element"- the next event can be better than the one before it. so work it out.

I am a trained lawyer and advocate of the supreme court of the federal republic of Nigeria.
I was called to the Nigerian bar in July 2001 and have being a practicing lawyer and advocate for the past 11years.

In all these years, i have several times managed events for friends, family & acquaintances as a hobby but realized that i could go on for days with little sleep and not loose my cool if am involved in planning an event but would turn all grumpy and quick tempered if i loose an hour of sleep preparing for a court address or for an appearance in court.
It then struck me that, i am an event planner at heart.
So i decided to get formal training in events & wedding planning.


WEDDING PLANNING:- this usually involves the planning of various types of weddings & events; for instance
KANURI TRADITIONAL WEDDING (this is a wedding for some of the norther parts of Nigeria, and usually in three or more phases, depending on the family involved)
(a)- INTRODUCTION CEREMONY- Usually planned in the brides native home town, where the groom formally comes to introduce himself with his family and asks for the brides hand in marriage,
(b)- SEND FORTH CEREMONY OR MOTHERS NIGHT- This is like a bridal shower although, it is more or less an event for the brides' mother to show her daughter off to her friends and celebrate the forth-coming wedding ceremony of her daughter. Usually the guest list is restricted to women and the brides brother or younger male family members for the Muslims and for the non Muslim family, the guest list is more liberal,
(c)- WUSHE WUSHE- This involves the bride being prepped for the traditional rites preceding the marriage. Her hair is styled in the traditional "ke'lasco" style, her body is treated to the traditional "dilki" beauty therapy, her hands and feet her painted in the traditional hena or laile' ink and she is brought out for the invited guests to see and usually the setting is done with traditional mats and calabashes especially the area set aside for bride & her friends to sit,
(d)- WEDDING FATHIA - This usually involves only men and as a female planner, i may be the only female often visible in the arena where the bride's dowry will be paid and prayers offered to seal the marriage union.
(e)- WEDDING RECEPTION- This may be an elaborate ceremony, where all family & friends who wish to attend do, although we often sit the men away from the ladies for religious & cultural reasons. Here wedding cakes and all other requirements for a conventional wedding reception is usually incorporated.

I also do other African traditional weddings, conventional church wedding, kiddies parties, conferences & meetings, festival etc