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Reshema K James

makeup artist

Reshema K James

"Reveal the best you!"

I am a passionate and professional makeup artist who adore makeup applications. I make it my life goal to caress the curves and features of a clients face and body, with the skillful stroke of my brushes, to capture and highlight the true essence of their beauty through makeup applications. With an aim to provide clean and professional results i ensure that each application is applied to look as if the client was born with or for the look. I am determined to ensure that each application brings a smile of satisfaction to my clients face and that my brushes does not only touch their face, but also their spirit.

I fell in love with makeup application at a young age and would always enhance my own features just for the fun of it. Friends and families started asking me makeup advice and i realized that i could easily answer their questions. As the years went by, persons asked me constantly to apply their makeup for one occasion or another. I was also called on to assist with makeup looks for small shows and activities in my neighborhood. I love helping people, but the best part was helping people to apply makeup.

I recently began my modeling career, and i take the opportunity to apply my own makeup for shoots or modeling events and this has boosted recognition of my makeup application skills tremendously.

I currently do makeup applications for events such as weddings, shows and photo shoots and is now enrolled in QC Academy to complete their Master Makeup Course.


I provide light and dramatic Makeup applications and also "Add-On" Services for any event or personal occasion such as weddings, shows,photo shoots,video shoots and more!

Light Makeup Applications includes, No Makeup looks and Day-time looks. These applications are normally used for every day makeup, work makeup and for clients who like the idea of makeup but do not want to look like they have any on. These applications normally include the application of foundation, simple eye shadow technique, brow definition, cheek and lip makeup. Add-on services such as brow shaping and lash extension can be included if required by client.

Dramatic Makeup applications includes looks such as,Retro Look , Smokey eyed look and many dramatic looks that include glitter , feathers etc. Clients normally demand theses applications if the want to visibly showcase makeup enhancement to their features. These applications normally include the application of foundation, complicated eye shadow techniques, brow definition, face makeup ( highlight, blush, contour),lip makeup and also any face decoration for further enhancement. Add-on services such as brow shaping and lash extension can be included if required by client.

Always thinking of a client's comfort , i usually go to a location of their choice. After makeup consultation is completed and a date is set, everything that caters to the client's needs and unseen needs on that day are ensured and makeup is done at client's location. Locations that i provide services to are as far as Marigot, Capuchin and Roseau from Monday to Saturday ( time set may limit location possibility) and Portsmouth Only on Sundays.