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Shanice Madison

makeup artist

Shanice Madison

Covington, GA

When You Look Good. You Feel Good!

Me in 3 words? Goofy, Passionate & Creative.
I am Shanice O. Madison but I go by Madison. I grew up on the North side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Surrounded by lots of family and close friends. Growing up I was always that kid that drew her own make up on every single barbie/baby doll I got as a gift. My babies always had different hair and new make up done by me. I can remember always being told you are so talented with hair and make up. To be honest, that's all I know is hair and make up.
Of course the struggles of life sometimes get in the way and the devil tried his hardest to hold me back from my success but with faith Im staying in touch and making sure I make my life a success story.

I've been involved in lots of big events back home in Milwaukee, styling models for personal photo shoots, senior pictures, weddings, birthday parties, graduations and many more.
I love what I do because I love people. I love it when I can build the next persons confidence level and make he/she feel like the best person they are! My passion for making another person feel great about them self comes from my passion of making myself look good daily. I want people feel the way I feel when I wake up and do my make up and hair. Make it a priority to not leave the house without your "face on" (as I would say).
I want my clients to never be afraid to be themselves. If you want to be bold then do it!
Its about you and how you feel about yourself not how some else feels about you. As a women having confidence is very important. Every man wants a beautiful women with confidence so why not pretty yourself up and show your man how bright your confidence can shine. Sometimes it takes a professional to help a women break free of any leashes or any shell she hiding and ducking inside of.
Show the world the beauty from within you.


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