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andie Gallagher

makeup artist

andie Gallagher

Melvindale, MI

Envision your inner-goddess and let me help you bring her to life!

My name is Andie, I am an amature pin up model and really enjoy doing make up for other models. I specialize in retro Glam styles but I am looking to broaden my skill base to include both fantasy and FX make up.My philosophy is that everyone has a glamorous vixen hiding just beneath the surface. My goal is to find her and wake her up. I have done some horror makeup in the past and really enjoy creating something completely original. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead in this program

I have been modeling off and on since 1987, my experience includes some runway/fashion, pinup/retro-glam photo. I am proficient in photographic makeup application, stage and Halloween looks. In addition to achieving my master makeup artist certification, I am currently in the process of starting a private label retro clothing company. Once I have completed my current education program, I intend on developing professional level photographic skills. My ultimate goal is to have the ability to provide a "one stop" photographic experience. I believe that working with the same person to develop a desired overall look, along with a personalized set as well having a true understanding and rapport/
professional yet personal relationship with your photographer results in the most comfortable and mutually satisfying shoot possible. I want you to walk away from our sessions feeling invigorated, empowered and absolutely stunning! Transforming you into your vision of a goddess, and give you a permanent reminder of that vision.


My services include:
1. full pinup/retro-glam makeup, including assistance choosing the appropriate hairstyles and wardrobe, if required.
2.Airbrush face and body painting. My skill set is currently fairly basic, however I am working diligently to expand my abilities. My goal is to evolve to an advanced special effects artist.
3. Bridal/Prom makeup; service includes a pre-event consultation, on site day of make up service and a complimentary "touch up" kit including oil blotting papers and your lipstick color for the day. All bridal/prom makeup is either water resistant or waterproof, and smudge resistant.
4. Custom services for models on photo-shoots. If requested, a pre-shoot consultation is available. I encourage these consultations, as it gives us an opportunity to discuss exactly what look you are going for, what type of set you will be photographed in, and allows me to select the most appropriate base and concealer shades for you. Knowing these things in advance help to ensure that you achieve the best photographs possible. I can also consult with your photographer to discuss lighting and color issues. I am also available to attend your shoot with you for any necessary touch ups or quick changes.