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Jean MacGregor

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Jean MacGregor

Parry Sound, ON

Helping You Through Your Day.

MacGregor Industries is the result of my personal and professional knowledge to assist others in their effort to achieve balance. My various careers, education, training and experience create a solid framework and understanding of human behavior and needs. I am a proud Honours Graduate of Social Service Worker Gerontology. I have provided service in areas of senior care, public service, tourism and hospitality, behavioral health and the non-profit world. In that time, I have developed systems and organized homes, facilities and offices and have enjoyed witnessing the relief of our clients as they experience their newfound space. I have supported clients during the most vulnerable period of their life as well as celebrated in their success in achieving personal goals, independent living and balance.
I have a long history of providing confidential direct service to individuals and families. I have managed a number of personal and professional situations ranging from a parent’s passing to multiple moves including being a strong committee member of our Health Centre’s moving plan. I have managed a Resident Services Department for a 101 person Long Term Care Facility, assisted community members needing to organize and donate household and clothing items, planned and implemented luncheons and dinners for hundreds of individuals, and connected clients to community resources. This is just a glimpse into over 22 years of direct service experience.
I am thrilled that I can formally define my services to you based on my skills and talents as well as an understanding of commonly shared stressors and need for assistance.
I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the balance you deserve.