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David Humphries

event planner, wedding planner

David Humphries
Ottawa, ON

we make things happen and dreams come ture

Hello My name is David Humphries and i would like to take a Minute to thank for coming to my Profile on Qc Career schools Event and wedding site

Hello is My name David humphries I am the President and Founder of Dreamshow Events.
I started dreamshow productions and events as way to give back to my C ommunity and the manyy charity and Non Profits that helped me over the years. By using skill that Learned Throught Volunteering at events.After Volunteer at so many Festivalsandevent i final said in 2013 that this was some thing I enjoy and was Good at. So decied that i could take School on this and start at Qc C areer School in there event and wedding Planning Program
Which I Plan to Finish By the End of 2015 Begin of 2016 .

Some of My Other Back Ground includes 4 Years at roger TV 22 Doing Sound and other Productions stuff being the Student Technical Director at My High School for Six Year and work with community threate Socecity and group in many Diffrent Productions Roles


Wedding and event planning
Video and disc jockey service
Theater and technical productions services
hiand pre productions support
Technical rental support
And some graphic design``