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Alejandra Del Toro

makeup artist

Alejandra Del Toro

Oakland, CA

The Beauty Of Makeup

Hi my name is Alejandra, I'm 23 years old Graduate at QC Makeup Carrier School. Currently studying to get my certificated for Master Makeup Artistry and Pro Workshop. I'm from Oakland, CA. I do makeup for any occasions. I'm very friendly and get along with everyone.

Makeup has always catch my attention as a child. When I was 12 I began to apply makeup on my self. I will enjoy doing it as a bring self confident on my self. As time pass I started to notice my progress and people will stat noticing how well I apply my makeup. People will star to ask me if I can do their makeup for a special occasion, and my progress even got better. For over years now I been doing makeup on others and decided to make it a career that's why I decided to enroll enroll to QC Makeup Academy to get certificated.


I do makeup for any occasions at home. I supply all the stuff. I can do a preview for as low a $25. I can do any wearable look you wish, I also apply eyelashes at no extra coast.


Alejandra has done my make-up a lot of times. In my experience she knows how to do it, she really good at it. I have went to different places to get my make up done and nobody does it like Alejandra, her make up lasts long and it looks nice. I would recommend Alejandra to my friends, family, etc. In my opinion she should become a professional make up artist. what I like the most is that she takes her time and she doesn't do it in a hurry. If she ever does a mistake which is rarely she fixes it in the moment. I love Alejandra's make up and I wouldn't change it for nothing.

Selena Vega

Love how alejandra did my make in both occasions the 1st time she did more of a natural look with my fav colors witch where green and gold a very nice combination that she pick out for me since I dint know witch colors to pick and I was going to be wear black .on my second occasion the color was blue and a cream color love how she combineds the right colors together how she pays attention to what u want and gives you subjection how some colors are better mixed with each other and what would work better I definitely would go back to her on my special occasions

Mayra Rocha