Gwendolyn Villanueva

makeup artist

Gwendolyn Villanueva
Los Angeles, CA

"don't just be beautiful. define beauty."

well hello everybody my name is gwendolyn im 21years old and all my life i wanted to be a makeup artist i just like seeing people smiling because they feel beautiful i mean you dont need makeup to feel beautiful but its just like an extra glow to yourself. I love makeup and i just hope with this career that im taking will take me somewere good because thats all i really wantt from my career and what i love to do.

Hopefully in the future i get to be the greatets makeup artist in the whole world well not the whole world just in my city "ofcourse". All my years of school i did a good job i got my high school diploma and now im attentding QC Makeup Academy for my future career. My experience in make up is really good i always practice on my friends and family memebers too and for help i search on the internet for the new make up trends so i could know what to do when i have a customer to do thats basically all my experience.


The services i do are all kind weddings,prom,other special occasions . The pricings are depending on what they want or how many people are they .But ill make it the best and lowest price ever so contact me for any information.Hope to hear from you soon" .