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Rebecca Sutton

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Rebecca Sutton

Adelaide, SA
0433 743 763

Affordable and Stress Free!
My personal quest is to supply you with a stress free event with no lack for detail that is more than memorable

My name is Rebecca Sutton and welcome to ‘Adelaide’s Wedding and Party Planning Professional’.

There are many different options and areas to consider when organising a special event. It can at times be overwhelming; however it can also be very enjoyable.

Adelaide’s Wedding and Party Planning Professional can assist you with a number of different type of occasions including children’s parties, mile-stone parties, weddings, anniversaries and any type of celebration in between. Each event is organised to meet your needs and dreams so that the main event is everything you deserve and beyond what you visualised.

With sixteen years’ experience as a Building Designer, I have had to be very meticulous and creative in my work to help people fulfil their dream home. This allowed me to develop a scrupulous eye for detail and fastidious organisation skills.

It gave me great satisfaction to make people happy. This led to helping friends and family members organise many private functions over the years.

My greatest adventure was planning my own wedding. This was so successful that it led to my organising my sister’s wedding.

Before I knew it, I realised my passion in organising events out-weighed being a Building Designer. Why design buildings when parties are so much more exciting and fun. Allow me to help you arrange yours.


Adelaide’s Wedding and Party Planning Professional are very flexible and can tailor our services to your requirements.
Basic Planning:
The Basic Planning option will allow you to understand what is required in organising a function and how to begin preparations if you are keen on organising an up and coming event yourself.

Together we can discuss your ideas and brainstorm possible concepts. We can design your event so you have the confidence to organise the incredible event you have imagined.

Co-operative Planning:
The Co-operative Planning option will let us work together and share the adventure and excitement of organising your event. This will allow you to impart with some of the responsibilities and worry, in the end making it an enjoyable and stress free process.

On-going communication throughout the preparations will permit us work side by side, each of us arranging our pre-determined set of tasks. The effect of our constant interactions via phone, email and personal meetings, will produce a well organised and treasured event you can be proud of.

Conclusive Planning:
The Conclusive Planning option will give you peace of mind as your self-organised event approaches, that nothing was forgotten or overlooked.

It will help you combine the different areas of planning the occasion into a well functioned and organised event, allowing all of the pieces to fall precisely where planned.

This will make certain you are prepared and relaxed on the day of the event, knowing things will run smoothly.

Ultimate Planning:
The Ultimate Planning option will allow you to relax as I pay attention to the detailing of your event. The initial consultation will help me to understand your requirements for the occasion and I can then contact you with options for you to choose. This will allow you to influence the style and capture the excitement as your event approaches.

If required, you may allow me to handle the demanding and challenging task of ‘Event Day Co-ordination’ where I will ensure that not only the organisation and planning of the event is thorough, but that your special day runs smoothly also. The end result will be something to remember.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss anything further:
Ph: 0433 743 763 or
Email: bbsutton31101@gmail.com


Thank you, Bec, for organising a fantastic Pirate Party. All of the children had a wonderful time. I had a number of comments from parents about the great ideas for the pirate games and pirate food. It made it interesting and different from the ‘normal’ type of party. Jayden had a wonderful time and I could see that he was very proud of it being his party where all of his friends had so much fun.

Kylie Holder