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Alicia Hahn

professional organizer

Alicia Hahn

Pensacola, FL

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Wake up to a more organized day!

Hello, my name is Alicia Hahn and I am your Professional Organizer. I am a married mother of adult twins and have had an extensive career in several different fields. I have always had a passion for organization and bringing calm to chaos. I have pretty much always been a working mom so I had to find ways, with kids and their activities and my husband’s busy work schedule, to make our days easier so that we could all have time to enjoy life. We love to travel and do fun activities with friends and family. After much encouragement from friends, coworkers and family, I decided to turn my passion into a business that can help others get more organized and give them a piece of their “calm” back. I want to help people wake up to a new organized day!

I have a B.S.B.A. degree in Management Information Systems. I have also completed the certification courses to become a Professional Organizer. I have a diverse background in managing small and large projects, inventory management, computer software, training and finance/accounting. I was also the Operations Manager for a medical supplies and equipment non-profit managing all inventory. In all of my positions, I had to be extremely organized and creative as well as manage and work within a budget…many times a VERY limited budget. I love trying to find ways to reuse items, or find places that can use them. And I love to see my home stay organized and help others organize their lives as well. I've completed organization jobs ranging from decluttering and organizing closets, garages and a small warehouse to helping people unpack after a move (in an organized fashion) and efficient room layout for remodeling projects.


Space Planning
• General room de-cluttering and organizing – sorting, purging, selling and storing any type of area (closets, kitchen, media room, etc.)
• Downsizing – what to keep that will fit, what to sell and what to give away
• Furniture layout and placement

Manage Paper and Information
• Photo organizing – photo albums, boxes
• Computer organizing – storing files, emails, pictures
• Office organizing – workspace, storage, filing, computers

Personal Organization
• time management
• administrative help and errand running

Coordinate Junk Removal Services
• Help organize a garage sale or craigslist sales
• Research and/or arrange pick up of items

Moving Organizer
• Help organize your move (phone calls, packing help, checklists, pricing, unpacking, ...)
• Help decide what to move, sell, give or throw away

Garden Planner
• Planting seasonal plants and removal of dead plantings
• Plant layout


"...Alicia is an amazing organizer. She evaluated what was needed and methodically went about bringing order to the situation to make things more efficient and effective. The space shaped up in no time and we are still reaping the benefits of her skill."

J. Lewis - Memphis, TN

"...It is so worth it to take the time and resources to invest in yourself and your home and have a process and structure that works! I could do it myself but having someone come in and bring new thinking really transformed my lifestyle. I no longer worry if I have a mess at home and the dread and weight is off my shoulders about all the "should do's" over the weekend. As a result, my cabinets, closets, and drawers have a purpose and it's so easy to put things away in their proper place..."

Kelle H. - Atlanta, GA

"I provided her guidelines for all the closets, but best of all, she had much better guidelines than me! She was able to discern family treasures from junk, and relieved me of the agony of sorting through financials. After each closet, Alicia showed me the results, and told me where all my items were. Several contractor bags were donated to charity, with Alicia doing all the work and estimating the value for tax proposes. If you are as busy as me, and would rather not spend your time on your closets and de-cluttering, I highly recommend you engage a professional organizer. As the owner of “stuff” I know that I cannot be objective or efficient. Have you ever tried to clean up without a time consuming detour down memory lane derailing your efforts? The value and peace of mind I had with Alicia was priceless. She doesn’t know it yet, but when the day comes to downsize, I’m counting on her to help me through it. Alicia of Jackson-Hahn Organizers gets the 5-star rating from me. Highly recommended!"

Monique D. - Houston, TX