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Kristie Harrison

event planner, wedding planner

Kristie Harrison

Ningi, QLD

Helping make you special day Easy and Memorable.

My name is Kristie Harrison and I am the Manager of Hope Joy Laughter Wedding and Event Planning.

I am here to help bring your Special day to life and help create the fairy tale behind any event or wedding.
I help with the planning, contacting of venues, caterers, rehearsals, event set up and every accept you feel will make your day unforgettable.

Growing up I have always had a good hand for making even the smallest occasion into something special and loved every minute of the planning and the set up.

It has taken me nearly ten years to release my true passion in life. And only by chance did I stumble across it thanks to my dear sister.

Two years ago I helped my oldest sister plan her beautiful wedding and realised that helping someone make there day something truly special and stress free was my one true passion. From the Gowns to the Seating arrangements I loved it all.

Seen than I have help my sister organise her children's birthday parties and some of her friends children's as well and have been improving my skills as I go.

I am currently studying to become a Wedding and Event Planner and am looking towards the future and starting my own business.


Some of the services I will be supplying are as follows:

Corporate Events (Internal/External)
- Helping source venues and making bookings
- Finding and interviewing guessed speakers
- Arranging Catering if required
- Transportation arrangements and accommodation for international and national Guests
- And arranging rewards and travel incentives for your business High Achievers.

- Decoration Suggestions and sourcing
- Cake arrangements and pick up
- Helping pick appropriate games for different age groups
- Venue set up and clean up, and any booking of venues if required
- Invitation arrangements and guest lists.
- Catering arrangements in a restaurant booking isn't arranged.
- Travel arrangements and accommodation for any out of town guests.

Holiday and Theme Parties
- Venue booking and sourcing
- Catering consultations and bookings
- Travel arrangement and booking if flying is involved
- Decorations and Invitation
- Guest lists and Seating arrangements
- Sourcing all requirements for the event i.e. Special foods or drinks

- Cake tasting
- Gown fittings, suit fittings
- Venue setups and decorations
- Seating Arrangements
- Food and beverage arrangements and menu selection
- Transportation for bride to the wedding and for visiting guesses for there inter trip
- Hotel and flight booking for out of town guests
- Over seeing the inter event for the day/ evening.