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Annaleise Vertannes

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Annaleise Vertannes


We Inspire Your Desire

V Events is a family run business. It is an up and coming company getting recognized for it's remarkable uniqueness and attention to detail. V Events concentrates on exceeding all expectations for each and every client. We don't just deliver a planning service but a service that allows you to take away all the stress and just enjoy every moment of the planning and the special day.
Why is V Events different to any other event company well because we are bespoke and we never produce the same event twice. Deciding you want V Events to take care of your big day is an honour for us so believe in us and we will give you and your guests a day that will go unforgotten.

My name is Annaleise Vertannes and I am the owner of V Events. I studied musical theatre and media at The Brit School in Croydon. After I graduated from the Brit school I decided to go travelling to Portugal where I have classed my second home since I was born. I have always loved planning family and friends events so I decided to look into becoming an event and wedding planner.
I started working for Algarve Events in Portugal and loved every minute of my time there. After 6 months working there I decided it was time to return to England and become a qualified international event and wedding planner.
I would love to take my expertise around the world and help make your vision a reality.
My personal passion and desire has inspired me to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure each event that V Events run will be an exceptional success bespoke to every client.


V Events offer 4 different services. These are detailed below;

AV Bronze
This service offers a consultation only. V Events will provide advice and assist the client pin point exactly what they hope to achieve during this event/wedding.
V Events will provide their clients with a final plan with all relevant details that will assist our clients bring their event/wedding into fruition.

AV Silver
This Service includes a consultation to discover the vision our client has for their event/wedding.
After the consultation V Events will find the appropriate vendors and services for our clients. We will assist with all details of the event and provide ongoing advice up till the day of the event or wedding however we will not be present on the day of the event/wedding itself.

AV Gold
This is our second most popular service. We include a free consultation with this service and of course we will locate the appropriate vendors and clients for our clients. We will be the ones in contact with the suppliers and in control of all the planning. We will assist with all the details of the event and will be present on the day of the event/wedding to ensure there are no last minute obstacles.

AV Platinum
This is our most popular service. AV Platinum offers nothing but luxury. We are there to take all the stress away with a free consultation where together we will be able to discuss the details of the outcome you want from your event/wedding and what exactly it is you want. We are there to lend our advice and expertise in ensuring your day exceeds your and your guests expectations.
We will cover every aspect of your event/wedding including other related activities. We will oversee all activities on the day(s) that they are held and also any post - event tasks.
There is nothing that you will have to go alone with this service.
With choosing the AV Platinum Service you are choosing to take the passenger seat whilst you will still have control in the decision making all the planning and time consuming meetings and appointments will be taken care for you.