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Danielle McLean

event planner, wedding planner

Danielle McLean

Bronx, NY

When you want to take your dreams and make them a reality and nothing but the best will do Second 2 None is the company to choose.

Danielle mcLean Founder of Second 2 None
I have loved being the one who was asked to help put together all of the family and friends functions. I discovered I loved putting together parties and found I had a strong passion for them after my Daughters first birthday back in 1984. I also made all the souvenirs which I have continued to do as a hobby which I love because it brings out the creative side in me, and I must say I love hearing from customers how beautiful and one of a kind my party favors are.

I have been doing parties for friends and family and doing party favors for all types of celebrations from baby showers, birthdays , retirements, sweet 16 just to name a few since 1984. I love The way a party comes together once I get a theme and then incorporate ideas and details together to make my customers happy. I am excited because right now I am taking an event and wedding planning course which when I am completed with I will have more knowledge and much more self confidence in the way that I can help customers to have the celebrations of their dreams. I feel like I have a very diverse backgroud when it comes to my work history but it all ties into what I love to do right now . I have gone from dental assistant, administrative assistant, to sales person working at an interior design firm which really helped me with my creativity and putting together themes and colors and making a rooom feel a certain way when you walked in.My last job which I really loved because of the need for strength and details, details, details was I worked construction, a really hard job where you had to dig deep inside you to get the job done. I will dig very deep to get the job done and make my customers happy


Second 2 None Event and Wedding Planning Services
Services Offered
Event and Wedding planning services helping you to make your dreams a reality. taking your dreams and ideas and making sure all you needs are fufilled.
To help you with a budget, keep you on track and make sure that you get the best quality and service for your money.
Establish a monthly timeline for you and the vendors .
Assist you in ordering and sending out invitations.
Help you to find and choose the most efficient Vendors
Customize a package to meet your needs and your budget, with a consultation to dicuss your vision and expectations of my company.
Ensure that the ceremony and reception sites are set up and decorated according to the wishes of the client. To make sure you have memories that will last a lifetime.


Beautiful. love all the little details


Danielle, thank you for everything . Everyone keep talking about how beautiful the souviners were.


Thank you so much for making me such lovely souvenirs for my 80th birthday celebration. I will be calling you for my next celebration