Jami Shields

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Jami Shields
Tustin, CA

"Door to Door: Personal Design Assistants"

My name is Jami Shields and I am a certified home stager and redesign specialist. I would love the opportunity to help you sell your home, by making it as visually appealing as possible to potential buyers. Research has shown that staged homes stay on the market for less time, and can even bring in a higher sale price! While this may sound like an expensive undertaking, I believe in using a lot of what the client already has in terms of furniture, etc. and just adding in some special touches. I can also help you organize and declutter your spaces, making your home look more spacious and attractive. At our initial consultation, we will do a walk-through of your home, highlighting areas of interest and need. I will then prepare a plan for you, and we can discuss how I can help. If you’d like to do it yourself, I can provide you with that plan too!

Maybe you’re not moving or selling your home, but you've been feeling like it’s time to make some changes to your space. Perhaps it’s something as simple as trying a new color scheme, or updating a room. I can help with that too! We can work within your budget to find attractive and practical design solutions. I can guide you in the right direction for shopping, or I can do it for you! I’m very flexible and open to the needs of each individual client. My ultimate goal is to create personal spaces that are affordable, functional, and make you feel good!