Vanessa Whyte

makeup artist

Vanessa Whyte
Chula Vista, CA

Beauty by V.

My name is Vanessa. I have been freelancing out of San Diego County in California for 3 years. I am a current student at QC Makeup Academy doing the Master make up course and have been for almost 1 year to further my experience in the art of Makeup. My passion and motivation aspires me to believe that putting makeup on is not just doing so. It is creating techniques and using what is best for your client and making them feel comfortable within themselves and feel comfortable with a different look.

I chose to go to QC Makeup Academy because I am a full time mom and wife. I have 4 little one that require mommy most of the time. I felt that learning online was convenient for me to learn more at my own pace. So far it has been a journey but a great one because it has allowed me to see that there is more to what I already knew. Especially how to run a business freelancing.


At this moment I offer many makeup services except for airbrush. I plan to expand my knowledge in that very soon. My specialties are smoky eyes and contouring.