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Laura Milne

wedding planner

Laura Milne


It's your dream wedding, now let's make it come true together!

After being a bride myself and helping plan my friends weddings, I was inspired to become a wedding planner by profession. I have a great understanding that your wedding day deserves to be exactly how you dreamed it. I will strive to bring your dreams to life and will endeavour to make the process as stress free as possible. I am here to help no matter how big or small the wedding may be.

Let's make your dreams come true, let's start the magic today!


I will provide planning from the simplist detail to the most extravagant wedding of the year. No wedding is too big nor too small. I am here to make everyone's dreams a reality. With an open mind and a strong determination, I will always get you the results you dream of.

I do this job because I love to help people acheieve the unthinkable, not to make money. Because of this I offer a flat rate. No higher, no lower and NO hidden costs.


'She may be my sister and my maid of honour but she went above and beyond to give me and my husband the perfect day. Thank you Laura'

Lisa Raffan (My Sister)

'Laura, I didn't know I could get the wedding I wanted with my budget until I met you. You are an angel and I will never forget my wedding day and that is all down to you. Thank you'

Christine Dawson (My ex boss' daughter)