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Petue Evenementiel is a professional company with many years of experience in organising all sort of private events including weddings, birthday parties, baby shower, graduation parties etc; and corporate events such as open house events, inauguration ceremonies, new product launch, and many others.
Our personal approach is listening to our clients and taking every detail into consideration, giving appropriate feed back and advice we are also flexible to deal with last minutes changes, we ensure our client's satisfaction.

The idea of creating Petue Evenementiel company came out of my desire to explore my organisational skills and my experience in promoting various social and cultural events in the Ministry of Culture in my home country. After working for 10 years as personal assistant to the Permanent Secretary of the ministry of Culture of Cameroon and later as Public Relations officer for the same ministry, I decided to enrolled to study Event & Wedding planning in QC Event School, United Kingdom. My company has successfully organised musical shows, cultural manifestations and weddings (including my own wedding) in Cameroon. We also have experience of organising graduation parties involving guest from different countries and cultural backgrounds in the UK


We offer a variety of services in Event business, in long or short execution time.
Across the U.K and in Sub-Saharan Africa, the need for professional Events Planners has increased considerably, some of them have become very busy, this has resulted in clients planning their events long ahead in order to fit into Planners' programmes. With our professionalism and exceptional management team, our desire is to help clients with either long or short term event schedules to achieve their dreams and save money. We work with other organisations to provide clients with affordable services.

We are in partnership, for example, with our local council, which offers reduced rates for transportation services, venue bookings and many other facilities.

We offer a free 1hour consultation to our clients when we plan and execute the event.