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Hanna Maisey Gilbert

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Hanna Maisey Gilbert


Specialist in non-traditional and alternatively themed weddings. Your vision is our aspiration.

Intimate Affairs Weddings is a small, independently run wedding planning business based in Hampshire that specialises in non-traditional weddings. I am here to assist in all aspects of the planning, offering guidance, advice and support every step of the way in order for you to enjoy a hassle free planning process and an incredible result.
I aim to create your perfect wedding and make your vision a reality.

I grew up in a small village in the heart of Hampshire with my parents and a variety of small furry animals. From a young age and throughout my education I have been creative and artistic, forever making paintings, ornaments and pieces that adorned the walls of our little cottage. However, my favourite thing to do has always been to design clothes. I would sit for hours and design the most extravagant and beautiful dresses, my imagination running wild and free. My mother was convinced that I would become the next Vivienne Westwood.
At the age of 10, just as I started Secondary school I enrolled in the Embroiderer's Guild and became passionate about needlework and became an avid seamstress. I developed fine skills and started to actually create the beautiful designs that I had spent my childhood dreaming up. That year a family friend was to be married and I was to be her bridesmaid. I was given free reign (within reason, I was supervised!) of my dress so created a simple but elegant gown of ivory raw silk. From this I developed a particular interest in wedding dresses and the wedding industry, and it has been a passion of mine ever since.
As a teenager I rebelled against my normal, sensible upbringing, dove into the world of Rock and Metal music, alcohol, tattoos and became passionate about alternative fashion styles - goths, mods, rockers, punks. I based a lot of my college projects on the revolutions of these anarchists, their styles and the development and consistency of the looks and values through the years. I wanted this to become my 'thing', my recognised style of work and that is what I did. I made a reputation for myself at college, it was a start. I vowed to progress my career and run with this way of working.
I came out of education with A*'s in GCSE Art and Textiles and a Diploma in Art & Design, specialising in Fashion & Textiles. My further education choices took me to the course I am currently studying, Event & Wedding Planning, with an ambition to become a qualified Wedding Planner. I wish to specialise in non-traditional weddings and alternative themes, set myself aside from the norm and create a recognised reputation for myself.
This is just the beginning of my story ...


One to one consultations giving guidance and advice on the planning of your special day.

Support throughout the entire process and attendance to the event, overseeing all aspects to make sure it all runs smoothly and you have nothing to worry about.

Contacting and liasing with suppliers, caterers and businesses to secure all arrangements and bookings.

Organisation of Hen, Stag and other pre-wedding events.

Leave everything to me so that you can enjoy a wonderful, happy, stress free wedding.