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Tonya Roberson

event planner, wedding planner

Tonya Roberson

Louisville, KY

Manifested Dreams.....every step of the way!

A fabulous event and wedding planner in the making, that's me, Tonya Roberson! I am a current student at QC Event School, studying to become a certified International Event and Wedding Planner (IEWP). I have always had a gift for putting together a well planned party for a family member or friend. It didn't dawn on me to take my passion and pursue my own business until my beloved husband motivated me to do so after I planned a memorable birthday party for him, which brought him to tears.

Hosting gatherings and parties is something that I have done naturally for years and have enjoyed the idea of celebrating people and the milestones that life brings. Doing this as a professional and business owner is a dream of mine that is being manifested daily as I take this journey in building a legacy to leave behind for my daughters.
As a mother of two small children, my time is valuable. After having my youngest daughter in 2011, I made a wise decision to leave my administrative job with the local government to become a stay-at-home mom. As a stay-at-home mom, I have been able to be more involved with my family and to reflect on the future of my career. After graduating from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's Degree in the field of Criminal Justice in 2001, I worked in Corporate America for years. I have obtained many professional skills and accolades, however, nothing can compare to knowing that once I receive my certification as an IEWP, I am on my way to owning my very own successful business. Currently, I am in the process of strategically building my business so that when I am ready to launch it, everything will be in place. I have enrolled in a program at the Small Business Development Center in my city to get advice on how to start a successful business and to participate in seminars and workshops. I have also recently become an Event Coordinator at my church. Working on the Event Planning Ministry will give me hands-on experience in event planning on a more professional level. With the knowledge that I am gathering from QC Event School and the skills I will be obtaining from working as an Event Coordinator, I will be able to launch my business with the confidence in knowing that I am well equipped to take on any job I am hired to do.


Services Offered:
* Event and Wedding Planning
*Unlimited Event and Wedding Consultations via phone or in person
* Event and Wedding Checklist
*Monthly Updates of Event/Wedding Checklist Completion
* Recommendations of Reputable Venues and Vendors
* Packages based on budget
* Event run-through prior to event day
* Wedding Rehearsal Coordination
* Present day of wedding or event


"My wife planned an unbelievable 40th Birthday party for me recently. Her creativity and professionalism blew my mind. Her taste and style is very much a cut above the rest. I have no doubt that her business venture will be a success." Troy Roberson, Loving Husband

Troy Roberson