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Donna Proulx

event planner, wedding planner

Donna Proulx

Lawrence, MA

I'm your one stop event planning. You don't have to turn anyplace else. I have everything you need.

I am available for all event and wedding planning. Call and make an appointment for consultation on how I can make your day special and your dreams come true.

I have 20 years experience in the event and wedding planning business. I also have a college degree in International Wedding and Event planning. I have worked with a well known author, artist and I am registered with the Better Business Bureau.


I am available 7 days a week for your event needs.
I will assist in finding a venue for your event, getting a cake, wedding and tux fitting, flower arrangement, food and beverage, band or DJ's and invitation.I also will assist in helping you lose weight for your tux or dress if needed I also went to school to be a personal trainer.You also can shop for your grooms men or maid or honor or best man or brides maids on the Magick unicorn website www.themagickunicorn.com or everyone else in the party can shop for the bride and groom at the same place. you can also plan your wedding and honeymoon all in on place.