David Richardson

event planner, wedding planner

David Richardson
West Byfleet

EVENTING giants are here for you

Hello my name is David Richardson
and I am the Director of EVENTING giants. I have put on quite a few events mainly birthdays for friends and I also have organised my parents surprise silver wedding anniversary. I have a really creative mind with great imagination and am a real perfectionist, if you show me a blank room with nothing in it by the time your event comes round, that is no longer a blank room now it has personality a life of its own and you wont forget it for a long time. I sail close to the wind because if you don't takes risks in life then it is a very boring existence and I never create the same thing twice.


I will do anything from Birthdays, Retirement Parties, Weddings, Christenings, Tea Parties, Milestones, Corporate, Fancy Dress, Balls, Dances, Seasonal e.g. Christmas and New Year, Graduation and Lots more.

you want it done I will do it nothing is to small or too BIG for EVENTING giants.

I work a hourly rate which depends on the size of event.
with free consultations to start with.