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Alyssa Millsap

event planner

Alyssa Millsap

Carmel Mountain, CA

Creativity and originality are the two main ingredients to a successful event! Go ahead, check out my official website!

For starters, I'm younger than most people who are successful in this field. But being young can have it's advantages: always up to date with current trends and popular ideas, and also I have a mind that can still be molded and taught new things. My age can be a disadvantage due to it being hard to take a twenty year old seriously, but make no mistake in thinking that with every project I am assigned to, my entire heart and soul get poured into it.

Since the day I saw the movie The Wedding Planner, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I guess before that movie came out, I never even knew this profession existed. My naive mind just assumed everyone threw their own weddings or parties all by themselves. Once I saw I could be the one to create someone's dream event, I knew this is where I belong. Art is huge in my family, so creativity runs in my blood. No two events I coordinate will ever be the same. Everyone deserves a unique experience that reflects on who they are as a person, and my goal is to give them that experience.


-Children's birthday parties
-Teen birthday parties
-Baby showers
-Cocktail parties
-Holiday parties