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Janie Waltz

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Janie Waltz

florence, KY

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My name is Janie Waltz and I was originally born in St. Petersburg but now I reside in Florence Kentucky with my wonderful husband John Waltz and my three daughters who are Sydney, Olivia, and Delilah. I was severely injured in 2004 in an automobile accident, where a drunk driver rear-ended my vehicle at 65 miles per hour. The resulting injuries have changed my life forever. A positive aspect of this tragic incident was it made me ponder what I wanted to accomplish with my life profoundly and was the primary reason for returning to college in order to advance my education for a stronger future for my entire family and me.
I have found that no matter what your disability or age might be there should be no obstacles that can stand in your way to pursue academic goals in prospects of a better future. Thus far, I have graduated from Western International University with an Associates degree in Business with a 3.71 GPA and nearly finished with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Regent University. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have also obtained a certification as an international wedding planning professional and plan on obtaining the master certification. I am currently working on becoming a certified travel agent.
On top of the personal struggles that I have had to overcome, for the past two years I also have been busy taking special care of my husband who is a disabled veteran. My husband served in the United States Navy from 2000 to 2004, and afterwards worked in Iraq as a civilian in 2005.
With all of these challenges, I have been successfully able to remain focused on my academic and career goals. I have been busy helping my father for the past ten years in the wedding business arena, which led us to become strategic partners and creating our own corporation. This is my true passion where I find my natural talents are able to flourish while helping people experience the most magical days of their life.


Wedding planning
Honeymoon planning
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Rentals: Linens, dinning utensils, other catering supplies.
Floral design
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