Makeup by Mandi

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Makeup by Mandi
Los Angeles/ Valencia/ Camarillo, CA


Mandi is an aspiring and seasoned make-up artist. She specializes in bridal makeup, and product shots for local clothing brands such as The Ordinary, and Identity. Mandi believes that everyone is beautiful without makeup. "You will always have that one feature about your face that either you love, or everyone else acknowledges, and I like to believe that it is my job to enhance it." Of course every girl likes to get dolled up every now and then and she likes being your go to make-up artist for "Girl's Night Out". She also has tutorials on Youtube, and enjoys educating others about the purpose of different makeup products. You can find her by searching "Mandi Monday".

Mandi's love for creating with makeup started when she was young. She always had a place onstage whether it was dancing or acting, and her favorite part was the makeup. She assisted frequently backstage in high school, creating past time characters and eccentric flowers as a part of "Mad World" ( a friend who has composed his own musical, and she has been lucky enough to be the base of his makeup look for this musical). By the time she was a senior, she was head of the makeup department.
Mandi has worked on short films, horror movies, product shoots for local clothing brands, birthday parties, graduations, and endless weddings. Her strength is working with many people in a short of amount of time. However she is also very skilled and a great listener when it comes to working one on one with people. "My goal is to make you look your best and to please you with my ending result."
Mandi graduated QC Makeup Academy in August of 2015 (an online beauty school located in Canada) with a certificate in Advance Makeup Artistry.


Bridal Services:
Descriptions- Includes in home consultation with full face of makeup. Please email me inspiration photos or description so I can come readily prepared.
Price- $50.00

The Big Day Makeup:
Descriptions- Each person takes about a half hour to an hour (based off consultation) so please provide a time that is sufficient for you and your party.
Bride $75.00 and up (based on makeup application)
Bridesmaids $60.00 (based on makeup application)
$350.00 and up for an entire day for entire bridal party including bride
*Prices can be adjusted due to budget*

Photography/Product Shoots:
Models $45.00 and up per model (based on cocept for makeup look)
$200.00 and up for an entire day and multiple models
*Prices vary depending on the concept, application, and budget. *

All negotiations are handled by me, Mandi Gammal. Willing to work with budgets and prices for parties etc.