Yasna Hernandez

professional organizer

Yasna Hernandez
Allentown, PA

Yasna Hernandez
Professional Organizer

Tired of coming home to a messy cluttered home? Don’t worry I’m here to help my clients create a new stress free life style. No more worrying about not paying your bills on time, and having to buy things you already might have Just because you might have misplaced them. You already have enough on your plate, lets work together and make your life easier for you and your family.

My name is Yasna Hernandez. I work with people, primarily in the Lehigh Valley, NJ and NYC area, who want help organizing their homes or offices. I grew up in a family where the importance of organizing and cleaning was highly demanded. Having an organized life style helped me more than I thought in situations such as school, work, and financially. Growing up and seeing friends with cluttered homes and helping them find solutions to this problem made me realize that I had an advantage, and I wanted to take that advantage and help not only my friends but the world with this problem. QC career school helped me achieve the skills and tools and reach that goal. Now I’m proud to say that as a certified professional organizer I’m happy to help you and your loved ones.


I work with people, primarily in the Lehigh Valley, NJ and NY, although travel to your location can be arranged. Phone advice is also always an option. I can help you develop and implement an organizing scheme that will work for your particular personality and needs. Together, we can eliminate the clutter and keep it from coming back. This experience will not only help you with your life but it can also be a fun project for you and your family! Don’t waste time or energy before you make this call. I want to help you come home to a nice clean and decluttered home.

My organizing services include:
Home and Office Decluttering / Organizing
Organizing Product Research- looking for something very specific but can’t find it? I can make sure I’ll find it for you.

Areas I can help with include:
Children's bedrooms and/or playroom
Garage (and the car)
Sun rooms
Home office / small office
Laundry room
Storage lockers
Moving to a new home:
Labeling boxes
Getting rid of unwanted items
Discussing order of items in new rooms

We can discuss pricing at the time of meeting.

Appointments can be schedule at any time of the day. When a call is made you will be reaching me at my personal phone. If I don’t answer please leave your name and the number you would want to be reached at.
I work weekdays, 7-5 pm
Weekends, 7-3 pm