Yasmin Sheraz

event planner, wedding planner

Yasmin Sheraz
Essex and London

A reliable events and wedding planner for your exclusive glamorous occasions

I am a friendly enthusiastic perfectionist, ensuring that you have nothing to worry about before, during or after your event, who pays the utmost attention to even the slightest of details in order to make your event the finest it could possibly be. I am very organised and reliable and my creativity entails being spontaneous to new ideas to make your event unique and memorable whether it’s your special milestone event or your wedding.

My past and present voluntary experiences in planning, organising and conducting family and friends weddings, birthday parties and dinners and social events for employers and colleagues has motivated me to follow this route as my career with competence.

I have successfully completed Events and Wedding Planning Course which has increased my knowledge in this industry and increased my confidence to plan more events and weddings by taking a unique approach every time for each occasion to make it not only successful but to make it memorable and special for each individual.

My background has been intermingled with law, law is an education I wanted to gain with interest but planning and executing events and weddings have always been my passion and interest along with applying makeup and styling hair. The law will always help me with building contracts between me and my potential clients and between all suppliers and vendors. I will always go the extra mile to make each event and wedding a special one to remember.


My main expertise is in advising, planning and executing events, whether it’s your special birthday party, anniversary, wedding or an opening ceremony of your new business, social gathering or your holiday.

My services are divided into 3 areas:

Initial Consultation: This is a service I will provide to all my potential clients. I’ll have an initial consultation session with you, from that I’ll ascertain what you require, whether its advice only, planning the entire or part of the event or executing the event entirely.

Advice Only: This service is most suited for clients who just require advice regarding their event. You could be confused about what steps you need to take to plan that perfect occasion or you could be confused with the ideas you have for your event but cannot decide which ones to follow, I’ll be happy to advice you accordingly.

Planning partially: Partially planning your event could include planning and decorating the venue or helping you choose and reserve your desired venue for the event, planning could also include; arranging catering, entertainment, videographer, photographer, choosing, ordering and sending out invitations to your guests and helping you with your guest list, planning theme’s and costumes for the event, arranging security and any licenses you require for the day of your event.

Planning wholly and executing: This service will include all the above, our initial consultation, advice, partially planning and executing the whole event right from the beginning to the end and after event clean-up services, I will be consulting you throughout the whole service and adapting my ideas to your requirements.