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Dounia Saikaley

color consultant, interior decorator

Dounia Saikaley

Orleans, ON

A little can go a long way...a simple change in your home can make all the difference in your life.

As an entrepreneur I always loved the idea or working for myself. Currently I own a family restaurant with my spouse and have always had an interest in decorating and designing. Whether it is for personal use or business I always found myself wanting to change the décor of a room and keeping up with today's design methods. I enjoy a challenge, following a budget and envisioning the outcome of a clients dream design project.

Owing my own business gave me an opportunity to put some off my design ideas to life. Three years ago my husband and I did a complete renovation of our family restaurant and gave it a completely modern look for family and clients to enjoy. Still till today I am reinforced with positive feedback from new and existing clients who enjoy our new look and atmosphere. Aside from assisting in the renovations of the restaurant, I have also assisted in renovations of rental properties. Some of the renovations included a complete redo of a home, from floors to ceiling, new kitchens, bathrooms, siding and even removal and structuring new walls. I have also put my skills to use by finishing my basement at home, redoing family and friends kitchens, bathrooms and even a simple color consult. Currently I am certified in International Decorating and Design Professional IDDP® and hope to assist you in your vision for your upcoming project however small it maybe.


I offer many different services. It could be a simple color consultation, furniture layout, complete floor planning and item purchasing, basement finishing, landscaping, managing a project to eliminate stress on your end, hire contractors to help with the design project and oversee the work being done.

If you are buying a new home and need assistance picking out material, finishing's and floor planning; I am also able to and pleased to offer you my consultation services.

I enjoy multitasking and seeing threw any kind of design project and love to manage the project from start to finish. If need be I will ensure the right people are hired, budgets are followed, time frames are met, and oversee the complete project to make it easier and less stressful for my clients. I am looking forward to the opportunity in working with you on your next project.