Charles Jackson

makeup artist

Charles Jackson
Lake Elsinore, CA

Hey there my name is Charles aka Charlie. I 've lived in southern California my whole life and love it. I have always loved working with cosmetics since i was a kid i used to always watch my mother apply her eyeshadow to go out and I just grew to love it. I used to apply a lot of my creativity to my drawings but slowly have branched away from sketch books into Photoshop photos as well as some 3D work and custom Sim creation. Ive turned more towards cosmetics as of lately because it gives me a chance to put my art into a full form rather than such a limited state such as a computer screen or paper. Applying amazing colors to the body displaying a glamorous essence of beauty? Count me in! haha, currently I'm looking to start my career in motion and I would really like to meet some cool guys and girls, who share the same interests as far as make up and art go and willing to have laughs and make this an experience worth every second.