Ellen Latham

home stager, interior decorator

Ellen Latham
Suwanee, GA

Just wish that room was finished? My 1 hour consult will get you the plan to finally get it done!

Welcome to ellensmellen design!

I am married to the coolest guy on the planet, Mom to 9 yr. old "mr. personality", and have been called "ellen-smellen-watermelon" as long as I can remember. I love working hard and looking for God's gift of joy in all I do. I am honored to be of service to those who need a little decorating help....without costing an appendage!

I have been painting, designing, and decorating rooms for family and friends
for-ev-er and graduated from QCDesign school. Over the years I’ve worked with so
many people who’ve said “I just want that room finished”!.....If that’s you, I can help.
I have a 1 hr. Room Consult that will get you the plan on everything needed to finish
that room. You can then do the shopping and decorating yourself, or hire me to get it
all done for you.... Selling your house? I have a Staging Consult that gets you the plan for the whole house. Lots easier than watching HGTV and trying to catch bits and pieces of what you need! ....And yes, I can also get that done for you.

My heart is in helping a girl (and guys!) get her house done, with cool ideas and interesting stuff from places we can afford.


* 1Hr. Room Consult
* Staging Consult
* Painting
* Staging
* Full Service Interior Design and Installation